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David Naill Bagpipes - DN2E



The DN2E is a beautiful model, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous metalwork. All engraving is hand engraved. This model has recently become available. Previously engraving was only done on silver models, but the use of engraved nickel mounts allows for fantastic aesthetic details in a more affordable price range. All of the engraving - ferrules, slides, ring caps, and chanter band - make for a striking instrument.


Model Features

  • African Blackwood fully combed/beaded
  • Hand engraved nickel ferrules
  • Hand engraved nickel  ring caps
  • Hand engraved nickel tuning slides
  • Hand engraved nickel pipe chanter
  • Imitation ivory projecting mounts


Accessories Include

  • Polypenco pipe chanter
  • Choice of Canmore zipper or hide bag
  • Velvet or cord bag cover
  • Silk drone cords

Contact us for your special needs so we can custom make your Naill bagpipes at a price you can afford.

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