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16 oz. Worsted Wool Kilts (Tartans: MacKay - Y)

$189.00 $249.99

16 oz., 8 yard tartan kilts are crafted from authentic worsted wool.  Our kilt makers will custom tailor each kilt to your specifications.  The kilt pleats may be sewn to sett or to line (stripe).  Each of our kilts comes with three buckles and leather straps, double fringe on front apron.  Kilts are lined at the waist.  The measurements we need are waist at navel, hips, and drop from navel to knee.  This kilt is one of the finest, heavy weight, hand-sewn kilts made.

To measure for kilt:


Measure with a sewing tape snugly around waist at the navel. For larger customers, it is the widest part of your belly. Do not hold your stomach in! This is where your kilt will sit.

Please Note: It is common for it to be 2 to 4 inches more than your pants size.


Put your feet together and measure with the same tape around the broadest part of the hips and rear.

Length: (Known as Drop Length)

Stand tall with your back straight.  Do not look down or lean over as this will alter the length measurement. It is important to have assistance with this measurement.  Measure from the navel (or widest part of your belly for larger customers) to the middle of your knee.   

Buy with confidence!  We will work with you with any sizing questions!

Lead time on these custom-made kilts are approximately 6 to 8 weeks.


Below, choose from our listed 16 oz. tartans: (MacKay - Y)

MacKay Ancient

MacKay Modern

MacKenzie Ancient

MacKenzie Modern

MacKenzie Weathered

MacLaren Modern

MacLean Hunting

MacLean Modern

MacLean Weathered

MacLeod of Harris

MacLeod of Lewis

MacMillan Ancient


MacNeil of Barra Ancient

MacNeil of Barra Modern

MacPherson of Clunny

MacPherson Hunting






Michigan State

Morrison Green

Murray of Atholl

Night Watch

Pride of Scotland

Ramsey Blue

Robertson Ancient

Robertson Modern

Rose Red

Ross Hunting


Scott Brown

Scott Green Ancient

Scottish National

Scottish National Weathered

Sinclair Hunting

Smith Modern

Spirit of Scotland

St. Patrick

Stewart Black

Stewart Dress

Stewart Hunting

Stewart Royal



Texas Blue Bonnet

Thompson Blue

Thompson Camel

Ulster Red

US Air Force

US Army

US Coast Guard

US Law Enforcement

US Marine Corps

US Navy



Wallace Hunting



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